In one of the specially organized all the sub cast of Mali cast gatherings in the Bureau, attended by a good number of people with different backgrounds from across the India and some parts of the world, So many persons turn up to our organization for suitable matches because our Marriage Bureau is very well known and strong base in India and since we have a very large number of members, with varied qualifications and status, for the search and selection of right partners become easy. Through a Marriage Bureau like 'Mali Marriage Bureau' with long professional experience in the matrimonial field from 1983, giving the 'two' the opportunity to discuss things over to find out if they can be best suited for the life-long union and if views and ideas resemble, further contacts become automatic as the two souls become attracted towards each other. Once they have found similarities, it is best advised that they contact each other a few more times to be 'very' sure that there exist most things in common. On the other hand, if personalities and ways of thinking conflict, the matter ends there. Further introductions follow, the aim being to find that special person who fits in perfectly as soon as possible. In most instances, initial introductions are successful, whereby two unknown souls are united to be wife and husband for a bright future full of happiness. And where perfection prevails, such marriages are very successful as the 'two' have found much in common and come to know each other with future plans already in front before starting living together. Widow, widower, divorced and separated persons also join 'Mali Marriage Bureau' in a considerable number. A very special care is given to such persons in the selection of the right partners. Since they already had a very rough time, every effort is made to help them find perfect partners to start a new and happy life afresh. Our Advisory Committee member Mr. Pravin Jadhav says these remains as true today as it was when primitive ancestors entered into the first formal pact to guarantee companionship for each other and security and a home for their children. Marriage is primarily a survival mechanism for mankind in that it allows for the continuity of the race. We believe that respect for each other is a key ingredient to a successful marriage. Nothing can give greater strength to marriage ties than mutual devotion and co-operation to the end. Marriage is a life-long union; the selection of the partner should not be rushed. Marriage is sharing of everything, someone to be close to, to confide in, and to reveal oneself, without fear, to be trustworthy in dealings and secrets of life. "Love between husband and wife, as Pravin explains, "Is sharing the joys and sorrows, accomplishments and failures, and to attain the common goals and reach them together." One should soberly consider the commitments made in marriage and keep to them. There is true beauty in a united family. Wife and husband must be one flesh. For the man there was to be no other woman, and for the woman, no other man. While a wife has need for tenderness, affection and security from her husband, she should be a full partner, have deep respect for him, and complement him in establishing a home and it calls for demonstrating talents as a cook, decorator, mother, teacher and much more. A husband should be a good provider for his family. It is his responsibility to provide the material necessities of life for the family, though, these days; wife is also a good earner. Our Managing Director Mr. M.D.Gaikwad gives full time Advisory and Welfare services which are freely accessible by all. Members may contact us, without obligation, and discuss one's matrimonial and other family situations. No matter how simple or complicated the problems may be, we provide help and advice, which may reduce the burden or even completely solve the problems. One should not keep a complicated issue confined to oneself; instead, consult the professionals. All the information we will keep confidential.


From : Mr. M.D. Gaikwad (Managing Director). Mr. Pravin Jadhav (Advisor).

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