Please fill all the particulars in our registration form and separately send us your photo and appropriate fee by post. Persons applying from outside the India must send a Bankers Draft in US Dollars, which can be cashed in a Bank in India. It is quite easy to get a Bankers Draft; go to any Bank or financial institution/Post Office in your country and they can give you a Bankers Draft, in exchange for your local currency. Cheques are acceptable only when the account is held in any Bank in the Mumbai, India. Anyone can join as a member under the Terms and conditions of the bureau.


After filling and signing the Registration form, you shall have to pay Indian Rs. 2000/-. You send us your photograph and our appropriate fees in Demand Draft or transfer amount to IDBI Bank, A/C no.:-58710010001311 IFS code:- IBKL0000587 within seven days of filling the registration form. We now wait to receive the Registration Form, duly filled in, along with the appropriate fee, so that we start sending you introductions. Your ideal partner may already be waiting to hear from you through us. We assure you of our personal attention at all times, and wish you every success in your new endeavor.


It is the oldest human institution. It is society's most basic unit. Entire civilizations have survived or disappeared, depending on whether family life was strong or weak. Marriage or friendship leading to marriage is, therefore, the most important and delicate step in one's life that has very carefully to be selected, decided and then taken the right way. One is never too old to enter the divine institution which is marriage with love. Persons in higher age group, whether single, divorced, widow/widower, separated, etc. ought to see life as ever young and full of charms ahead and seek our advice. While people enjoy and smile at success, they should also have courage to face situations bravely and find a way out in times of failure, desperation and heartbreak. We recommend everyone to share the true happiness and companionship by getting married, if not already so.

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